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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Designer Profile: Paola Mirai - Transparent Tech Jewels

Artist, designer, alchemist and art director based in Milan, Paola has transformed technical detritus into covetable jewellery. After five years of research, Mirai perfected her 'orotrasparente' a home brewed clear lightweight resin. Her pieces are a combination of these technological cast-offs that come from old Apple computer screens, watch cogs, clock springs and circuit boards with her 'orotrasparente' into a wide range of cuffs, cuff links, rings and bracelets that seem to float above the body. Everything is one-of-kind as Paola crafts every individual piece herself. 

What's really inspiring is her aim to share her craft through workshops. It appears the participants bring their own technological cast-offs to re-transform into a unique hand crafted accessory. 

I just love the use of the circuit boards, maybe it's being a child of the 80s and the exposure to movies like Short Circuit and Encounters of the Third Kind. It's hard to repurpose and make tech look modern in a good way. You would never know it's repurposed and to me that's when design is successful. This makes me want to build fashion robots or at least start taking apart old electronics. 

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