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Monday, March 19, 2012

To Trend or Not to Trend? The Case of Hologram Jeans

Blumarine F/W 12
Blumarine F/W 12
The future is in today and out yesterday, that's how fast fashion feels these days. Right now we see the emergence of the futuristic theme yet again on the runways recently. One of the translations of this theme is taking form in holographic materials, mainly denim. Holographic denim will only be in style for --- oops, there it goes. This begets the question, how heavily do, we as consumers of fashion, invest into a micro-trend/fad like holographic denim?

Micro trends such as these really should just be left to the upper crust of fashion society. First of all, the Hussein Chalayan version of this trend - I like it, it makes me want to wear it. However, make and should are two very different concepts when it comes to the fashion/style game. I'm not going to buy the Hussein Chalayan version because, well I know without a doubt that it is far beyond the reaches of my budget (For the record, hands down I would go for the shoes before the pants). Any diffused version that I can afford by the likes of Zara, H&M, Topshop etc... will just not do it justice. Not to mention that probably by summer's end there is a good chance you will already feel outdated wearing them. Its not exactly the kind of piece you can work into your wardrobe over the next few years. Then what? Back into the sartorial wasteland that has taken over most of the closet space. 

Even if you find  a decent knock-off of this trend for say even $30, the emotional roller coaster that ensues just doesn't seem very appealing. First there's the hunt to find the perfect pair within your budget that are also the most flattering followed by the thrill of the catch. Next is the ego-high to be one of the firsts parading around, the covetable envy, ohs and ahhs of those who weren't so quick. Then you start to notice everybody else wearing them and maybe this is your comfort zone (fitting in with the crowd) or your worst nightmare. At some point, anxiety or some sort of related feeling starts to creep its way in as you struggle its wearability. There's the guilt of only having worn it for a short while but that is outweighed by the terror of being seen in last month's 'it' piece that is now over and every tween in sight is wearing. If the tweens are wearing it, you know its over for you. Not to mention the fact they look amazing in it with their skinny tween legs (think Willow Smith). It probably is better suited to them in the first place. OMG, who needs that emotional kind of turmoil? 

So maybe the emotional roller coaster is slight exaggeration but maybe not. I know I've definitely been down that road with those questionable pieces. Yeah I loved my studded t-shirt for all of 1 month before it just seemed pathetic to me. Perhaps a micro trend like this is best left to the professionals - those who can afford the real deal. Sometimes it is just a lot more calm to admire from afar. Especially since these are pretty environmentally damaging to make - all over finishes that use multi-tonal sprays, thick PU coatings etc.... We definitely don't need millions of them headed to landfills or donation bins once we've decided to finally get rid of them a year later. What exactly is Salvation Army going to do with all this stuff once it hits their door and all those developing nations who receive our cast-offs?

This isn't the first and it won't be the last trendy 'it' item who's viability we should question. In this case, I think it's best to leave it to those who dress for getting photographed on the street. Sure they'll probably only wear it once, maybe twice but at least if we can keep it to the handful of 'it' people and just enjoy them for their Facehunter/Man Repeller moment of fame. We can feel better about knowing we are keeping one less item out of that sartorial wasteland.

For this one, I think I might get some holographic nail polish and call it a day. 

Hussein Chalayan F/W 12
LOVE this look
Hussein Chalayan F/W 12

Hussein Chalayan F/W 12
Blumarine F/W 12
Whoa, words fail me here
Manish Arora S/S 12
Love it, but how many times and places do you think someone can wear a head to
toe holographic look before they acquire an unfortunate nickname?
Manish Arora S/S 12
Katie Eary
Nope, the guys were not forgotten on this one
Ksubi F/W 12
Yup, the allure is gone by the time I see these.

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