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Friday, February 24, 2012

Designer Profile: Titania Inglis

Okay, I had to follow up with a profile post because I truly enjoy what Titania has to offer. Minimalistic in her style, philosophy and her values; less but better. You can see it in her designs. I love them because you I know it's the kind of piece that I would love and would stay in some sort of permanent rotation in my wardrobe for many many years. That's what I want with my clothes. I can't be the only one who is tired of buying some cheap alluring 'it' moment piece to wear it maybe once and then have it sit there for years because you feel guilty and until you are finally ready to deal with the fact that you will never ever wear this again. sigh. What an emotional roller coaster for one garment (x all the 'it' items in my closet). That is why I love that someone is finally combing that idea of some sort of permanence to their designs, so you can feel like you're not a walking fashion victim in head to toe 'it' pieces - tres boring. 

I like pieces that can transition from seasons and hemline length, this is what Titania does. Grounded in tradition with sights on the future, the entire line is made in a small factory in NY with sustainable sourced fabrics. Titania was also honored with the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award in Sustainable Design. She buys deadstock vintage wool from the NY garment industry, recycled cottons from Japan and vegetable tanned leather. 

I LOVE LOVE that she still uses leather but in an ethical, environmentally friendly way via vegetables. I will never stop saying it, PVC, PLEATHER & SYNTHETIC LEATHER ARE MADE FROM OIL - a non renewable resource that has killed so many more animals and ecosystems by destroying habitats and oh you know that small lil' spill in the gulf of Mexico *cough cough BP OIL SPILL. That's why there drilling deeper and deeper and having accidents. It's not just cars, its our demand for all these consumer products made from crude oil. Makeup, clothes etc.... Maybe we should through oil on people who wear fake leather/fur. Just kidding, I think that is a silly, unintelligent  way to prove your point. (A fake picture could be funny!)  I also not saying people who believe in fake fur/leather over real fur/leather. I just feel like sometimes they don't truly understand the depth of impacts from these products other that they are cruelty-free DIRECTLY to animals (in-direct consequences seemed to have been lost in the mist). So thank you Titania for finding amazing veggie tanned leather!

She has a store in NY and California, here is her website
Some favorite pieces from her S/S12. I love the sharp lines, soft silhouettes and the contrasts that she has going on here. 

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