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Monday, February 13, 2012

Designer Profile: Peter Non - The Non Shoe

spring/summer 2012

Hand crafted in Italy, using 'eco-friendly' materials such organic cotton, raffia straw, rubber and cork. Stylish yet not trend driven these shoes are a great staple for any man's regular shoe rotation. 

Controversy? The use of leather as an eco-friendly material.
Like anything in life there are extremes and you have to give both sides a good listen. Yes traditional leather dyeing does use chromium and other toxic chemicals to achieve brilliant colours and finishes. However, using crude oil products such as PVC or pleather don't harm animals directly (we've all seen the devastating effects of oil on wildlife) but it also uses toxic chemicals in its production not to mention it is made of a NON RENEWABLE  resource. It also doen't last as long as leather and will not biodegrade naturally like leather. Oh wait - it doesn't biodegrade.

Yes leather is an animal product, but I think if you buy regular (industrialized farmed) meat from your supermarket but are going to cry about leather products. Maybe you should rethink your argument. 

If you can find ethically sourced leather that is dyed without the use of chromium (vegetable dyes), not only will it last longer, let's face it - nothing beats real leather. I think the longevity of leather in your closet especially if classically styled beats out a one season PVC shoe any day. Neither is a perfect solution but you have to pick your battles.

It doesn't say what kind of leather Peter Non uses but considering all the other options out there - this is a great option to green your shoes. Oh and they are NOT MADE IN CHINA!


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