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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NYFW/Fall 2012 - Titania Inglis

Right out of the gate, DON'T call Titania an 'eco' designer. I love this because this is what 'eco', 'sustainable' design should be about, it should be inherent in the design process and product - not a marketing gimmick or 'type' of designer. Brooklyn-based Titania, is a designer who abides by the principles of sustainability in her creative process and for it she received the 2012 Ecco Domani Foundation Award for Sustainable Design. "As I see it, designing sustainably means trying to make those choices with the minimum possible impact on the environment and the maximum possible benefit to society."

Titania's philosophy is all about lush minimalism and this was evident in her latest Fall/Winter 2012 presentation at NYFW. Angela Walsh grows up and gets minimal. The nod to 90s grunge and My So-Called Life is front and centre but it has a sophisticated minimal edge to it, exactly what I feel Angela Walsh might wear today. A tight collection, it can be summed up in its subtle detailing in the form of crisp cut-outs, intersecting lines and angles, sheer, suple leather and ox-blood and plaid. All the leather is vegetable tanned from France and the plaid is a recycled cotton-linen blend from Japan. 

Titania's work is beautiful and easy to incorporate into a wardrobe without being too trend driven. I feel that any piece would be something that I would have in my wardrobe for years and could easily incorporate into many, many outfits. That's what I expect out of my clothes these days - a permanent spot in my wardrobe rotation, quality and great design. Love the hooded, draped coat and leather tees.

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