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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wood Wood & More Wood - The New Sustainable Accessory Material

Wood is definitely not the new kid on the block when it comes to an artisan's/craftsman's choice of materials. I'm sure at one point or another we've all bought those wood rings from an ethnic, incense-infused, beaded doorway shop tucked away in the bohemian quarters, only to have it break on you 2 days later. Wood's come a long way baby and here's a line-up of the new reclaimed wood scavengers who have created some beautiful, covetable accessories for Spring and beyond.

Wood Thumb 
Made in San Francisco using reclaimed wood, these ties are lightweight, flexible and I would imagine very easy to care for. You would never have to wash this tie or worry about dribbling food/drink on it. I think this could be the perfect man-ccessory. I want one.

All the ties are unique due to knots, wood-grain, natural colour, nail holes and come in two lengths; small & large. Not bad for $36. Now that's a solid style statement. 

Wood Tie Guys

WeWOOD time pieces
This is what happens when you get 2 social entrepreneurs and an Italian cobbler, wood watches made from yup, you guessed it, reclaimed wood. These watches are unique, splash-proof and for every watch that is bought, an angel plants a tree. Just kidding, their partner American Forests does the dirty work and within the first 3 months more than 5,000 trees were planted. Nothing beats feel-good fashion.

Blonde, Chocolate, Army, Black, Caramel, Beige and Black. Free from toxic chemicals, hypo-allergenic with Miyota movement.

Simple and understated in materials and aesthetics. A piece to keep through the times. 

Contexture Designs
The coffee cuff. This is why I love design, I am such a fan of multi-functional products and this is a pretty good one. You put it on in the a.m., get your to-go coffee and bam, slip it off your wrist and onto your java. Perfect accessory for the hardcore coffe addicts. Enough said.

Waiting For The Sun
I already did a designer profile on these guys so I won't reiterate but I had to mention them again for this wood post. 

Okay, these last 2 images are just some accessories/dish ware that I really liked.


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